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Digital Switchover

Throughout 2024, we will be replacing older Lifeline units with new ‘digital ready’ machines for our existing customers. This is in preparation for the national switchover of the telephone network to digital-only telephone lines. 

Complete our Digital Switchover survey here: Digital Switchover - Somerset Council - Citizen Space

For more information, please see the frequently asked questions below.

What is the digital phone switchover?

The UK’s telephone network is changing. Between now and 2025 (exact switch over dates are still a bit of an unknown) most telephone providers will be moving their customers from old ‘analogue’ landlines over to new upgraded landline services using digital technology.  This means services that rely on the old landline system such as home phones and healthcare devices will be switched over.

What is the impact on my Lifeline service?

Most of our units work through the older phone lines. Once your telephone network is upgraded to digital, your lifeline unit may no longer work.  
It may be that the Lifeline equipment in your property is already suitable to use after the digital switchover. Please do not worry – we will contact you in the new year if your equipment needs changing.

What do I need to do about my telephone/broadband provider?

The good news is – your landline isn’t going anywhere and for most consumers and businesses, this change will be straightforward. In fact, many customers are already making the switch when they upgrade to full fibre broadband.  Your telecoms provider (for example, BT and Sky) should contact you before the switchover to check in and discuss what you need to do to make sure your service isn’t affected.  

What is the Somerset Lifeline doing about the Digital Switch Over?

In 2024 we will be contacting some of our customers about replacing the Lifeline unit that is installed in your home, as part of a programme of equipment replacements.
It may be that the Lifeline equipment in your property is already suitable to contact us after the digital switchover. Please do not worry – we will contact you in the new year if your equipment needs changing.

When will I get my upgraded Lifeline machine?
We plan to start a programme of equipment replacements from April 2024. We intend to complete this work by April 2025.
Will the updated service be more expensive and what if it is unaffordable for me?

The upfront costs of the new equipment will be funded by Somerset Council however prices will increase in future years due to the increased costs of the equipment and services we provide.

You will always be notified of any increases in the cost of our service and usually aim to write to you in February, before any new invoices are sent. 

I live in a remote area with limited mobile signal, will I still have access to the Lifeline service?

We have a range of potential solutions to connectivity problems, many of which we already install for customers that experience these issues. Before visiting, we will contact you to try and understand your needs based on your broadband, mobile phone connectivity and the amount of power cuts you experience. This will allow us to offer the most appropriate equipment to meet your needs.

Will I need to install the new equipment myself?

When we contact you, we will discuss the arrangements for replacing your equipment. Please be rest assured that we will visit you and replace the equipment if you are unable to do so yourself.

Where can I find more information on the Digital Switch Over?

We recommend that you contact your telephone/broadband provider if you have any questions or concerns. 

There are many different providers, but we have included some of the most common ones below:

Provider Telephone Web Address
BT 0330 1234 150
EE 0330 1231 105
Jurassic Fibre 01392 345 600
Sky 0330 1628 495
Vodafone 0333 3040 191
Why doesn't Somerset Lifeline's phone number show on caller id?

In order to be fully ready for the Digital Switchover of phone lines the technology used to support our service is hosted digitally on secure servers.

When Somerset Lifeline make an outgoing telephone call the number shown on caller ID will be either 0118 3583800 or 0118 3587700. We advise service users and their keyholder to save these numbers to their contacts so they recognise the caller.

Please note, these numbers do not accept incoming calls, if you need to Somerset Lifeline you can do so on 0300 123 2224.